If you are planning to use teletherapy, it helps the therapist plan sessions if they know what is available for use.  Please complete this form and share it with your child's therapist.


Some families have decided to stick with teletherapy long-term.  It reduces exposure for medically fragile kids, decreases time spent traveling, and allows therapy to happen at home.  Other families have found teletherapy is a great way to keep appointments planned for the clinic when family illness, quarantines or transportation problems come up, by switching to a teletherapy appointment for the day.  All the therapists at Honeybee Pediatric Therapy has training and experience in providing therapy via teletherapy.

When the pandemic hit, Honeybee Pediatric quickly shifted gears to teletherapy to continue to work with and support our children and families while keeping everyone as safe as possible.  We have learned so much since those early days of teletherapy.  But the biggest lesson was, teletherapy works well for some families and is here to stay at Honeybee.  Teletherapy allows a time effective way to work with a therapy right in your home, with a therapist providing feedback in real time.  It allows work within the child's actual environment and utilizes toys and supplies families already have access to.